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Mastering the Art of McTavishing 2nd Edition

by Karen McTavish
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Quilters learn how to recreate the motion and texture of "McTavishing" as they follow along with this fully illustrated second edition book and DVD. Inspired by the art nouveau movement's Alfonse Mucha, this freehand, background filler quilting design has electrified the quilting community.

Techniques: reference, machine quilting

Reference, 128 color pgs. Item No. 46045

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Machine quilting has blossomed into an art form in itself. This is true in part to Karen McTavish who developed her own Art Nouveau-inspired style of flowing, meandering quilting now called McTavishing. Mastering the Art of McTavishing 1st Edition, published in 2005, introduced this versatile technique to the quilting world. Many quilters developed their own versions, which the author generously encourages.

Now, a decade later, Mastering the Art of McTavishing 2nd Edition is available as an expanded and revised version. While many of the quilts are the same, there are new ones added, including a section on quilting modern quilts. The biggest bonus is that this edition contains two DVDs – the 90 minute DVD from the first book and a new 63 minute DVD. The second DVD demonstrates the “New Basic McTavishing” using simple registration lines as guidelines for filling in the overall design. The book and the DVDs cover various aspects of using McTavishing: the basics; variations used as background fillers; use with appliqué quilts, stippling, borders, wholecloth quilts, and modern quilts; freehand Victorian feathers; and McTavishing done by longarm machine, domestic machine, and by hand.

Over the past ten years, the author reflects that she has improved her ability to teach McTavishing to others. Mastering the Art of McTavishing 2nd Edition does offer improved instructions and illustrations in the text and CDs. McTavishing is widely popular due to its fluidity and flexibility; this book enables quilters to experiment, master the technique, and create their own personal version.

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