String Quilt Style

by Mary M. Hogan
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Discover how to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind quilts using the design elements and inspiring fabric combinations Mary demonstrates. Create more than a dozen unique blocks using the string piecing technique. No precision-piecing guarantees immediate gratification. This book is perfect for quilters of all levels. Includes step-by-step instructions.

Techniques: piecing

14 projects, 128 color pgs Item No. 46397

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String Quilt Style by Mary Hogan reminds us what is great about string quilts – a quilt technique with a long history of popularity. Strings (strips) of fabric are sewn together, usually on foundations which may be removable or permanent – or even optional. Accuracy of cutting and piecing are not crucial, so even beginners can be successful from the start. Each quilt will be different depending on the fabrics, size of strips, and how they are combined. String quilts are great ways to utilize and use up one’s stash.

The author likes to make scrappy, improvisational quilts, using as many fabrics as possible and not knowing when she starts what her final design will be. First, she shares with us her ideas on color, focal point, proportion, unity and variety, line and shape, and fabric style. Next, she provides string block designs such as the fan, circle, half-square triangle, wonky triangle, isosceles triangle, diamonds with one, two, and four units, and rectangular rows or columns. For each of these block designs, there are illustrations of how they can be combined to form secondary patterns. Next, there is an amazing section on block and quilt layouts, adding sashing and borders, pieced backings, quilting hints, and binding ideas.

Wait! There’s more! After all this design element inspiration, String Quilt Style has a large section of step-by-step detailed instructions and photos showing how to construct each kind of string block. Of particular interest are the comments on fabric or color placement to achieve specific results. On top of this wealth of information are fourteen attractive and varied quilts and quilted projects incorporating the book's skills and designs. I honestly did not know so much could be accomplished with string piecing and am eager to add String Quilt Style to my quilt library and get started using up scraps from my stash!

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