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With three kidlets running through the house, on top of an incredible barking dog, it is amazing that I get anything done. My compulsion to create is fueled by that chaos. Not only does my family, especially my daughters, inspire me to be true to myself, they drive me to create. In part so that they don’t drive me crazy! Whether at the end of the day, in the early morning darkness, or in a stolen moment of quiet I find joy and respite in fabric and words. My goal is to help you find the same thing. It might be in a magazine article, a quilt pattern, one of my books, or in a classroom - you can find your joy and peace too.

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Quilting Cotton 9758
Abecedery (White)
Abecedery White $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9759
Abecedery (Grey)
Abecedery Grey $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9760
Killing Time (White)
Killing Time White $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9761
Killing Time (Black)
Killing Time Black $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9762
Permanent Marker (Silver Lining)
Permanent Marker Silver Lining $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9763
Permanent Marker (Black)
Permanent Marker Black $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9764
Famous Last Words (Black on Black)
Famous Last Words Black on Black $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9767
Left Handed Dot (Black)
Left Handed Dot Black $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9768
Left Handed Dot (White)
Left Handed Dot White $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9769
Nicks (Black)
Nicks Black $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9771
Nicks (Silver Lining)
Nicks Silver Lining $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9774
Top Right Corners (White)
Top Right Corners White $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9775
Texting (Black)
Texting Black $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9776
Texting (Charcoal)
Texting Charcoal $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9777
Texting (Lt Silver Lining)
Texting Lt Silver Lining $6.96 / yd