Felice Regina Fabrics     
I'm an illustrator and graphic designer living and working in my hometown of Houston, Texas. My creative, curious nature combined with my joy of learning has led me to develop a variety of skills including illustration (digital and traditional), web design, textile design, bookbinding, quilting, sewing, crochet, photography, and all things crafty. I'm a maker at heart, which is the focus of my craft blog, Sew Scatterbrained. My subjects and styles are as eclectic as my media, but cute and whimsical designs are what I enjoy most. In my free time, I enjoy video games and baking.

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Quilting Cotton 9602
New in Closeout! Lepus Luna (Interstellar)
Lepus Luna Interstellar $7.84 / yd Retail: $9.80   20% off

Quilting Cotton 9603
New in Closeout! Moon Blossom (Twinkle)
Moon Blossom Twinkle $7.84 / yd Retail: $9.80   20% off

Quilting Cotton 9605
New in Closeout! Luna Tide (Indigo)
Luna Tide Indigo $7.84 / yd Retail: $9.80   20% off

Quilting Cotton 9606
New in Closeout! Star Jumper (Indigo)
Star Jumper Indigo $7.84 / yd Retail: $9.80   20% off