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Quilting fabric with metallic accents.
Gold metallic fabrics wear and wash the same as regular flat cotton, making them the ideal fabric to use when adding that "special touch" to a project.

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Metallics 7973
Sandscapes (Lt Green Apple/Metallic)
Sandscapes Lt Green Apple/Metallic $9.96 / yd

Metallics 7966
Sandscapes (Dk Violet/Metallic)
Sandscapes Dk Violet/Metallic $9.96 / yd

Metallics 7967
Sandscapes (Lt Violet/Metallic)
Sandscapes Lt Violet/Metallic $9.96 / yd

Metallics 7968
Sandscapes (Dk Atmosphere/Metallic)
Sandscapes Dk Atmosphere/Metallic $9.96 / yd

Metallics 7969
Sandscapes (Lt Atmosphere/Metallic)
Sandscapes Lt Atmosphere/Metallic $9.96 / yd

Metallics 7970
Sandscapes (Dk Lagoon/Metallic)
Sandscapes Dk Lagoon/Metallic $9.96 / yd

Metallics 7971
Sandscapes (Lt Lagoon/Metallic)
Sandscapes Lt Lagoon/Metallic $9.96 / yd

Metallics 7972
Sandscapes (Dk Green Apple/Metallic)
Sandscapes Dk Green Apple/Metallic $9.96 / yd

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