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     Allison Harris Fabrics     
Allison Harris is a Mom to 3 small children and the writer of the popular quilting blog Cluck Cluck Sew. She has a fresh take on quilting, with simple designs, saturated colors and modern color combinations. Allison has designed over 40 original quilt patterns, as well as written and contributed to books.

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Quilting Cotton 8411
Large Floral (Soft Mint)
Large Floral Soft Mint $9.48 / yd

Quilting Cotton 8412
Closeout! Flower Swirl (Reds)
Flower Swirl Reds $5.68 / yd Retail: $9.48   40% off

Quilting Cotton 8414
Stencil Flowers (Lt Melon)
Stencil Flowers Lt Melon $9.48 / yd

Quilting Cotton 8415
Closeout! Tossed Flower (Tomato)
Tossed Flower Tomato $6.60 / yd Retail: $9.48   30% off

Quilting Cotton 8417
Dot (Lt Olive)
Dot Lt Olive $9.48 / yd

Quilting Cotton 8418
Large Floral (White)
Large Floral White $9.48 / yd

Quilting Cotton 8420
Tossed Flower (Turquoise)
Tossed Flower Turquoise $9.48 / yd

Quilting Cotton 8421
Closeout! Stencil Flowers (Lt Tomato)
Stencil Flowers Lt Tomato $6.60 / yd Retail: $9.48   30% off

Quilting Cotton 8422
Closeout! Dot (Soft Blue)
Dot Soft Blue $6.60 / yd Retail: $9.48   30% off

Quilting Cotton 8423
Closeout! Dotted Stripe (Platinum)
Dotted Stripe Platinum $6.60 / yd Retail: $9.48   30% off

Quilting Cotton 8424
Closeout! Bias Plaid (Green)
Bias Plaid Green $6.60 / yd Retail: $9.48   30% off