A Simple Life

by Shelly Pagliai
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Take a peek back into the 1950s with nine quilty projects inspired by the author's mother, Hazel Hyde. You'll love browsing through this book admiring the retro-country flair. With simple step-by-step directions, these projects are great for piecing and applique lovers alike.

Techniques: piecing, applique

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A Simple Life by Shelly Pagliai is part quilt book inspired by fabrics and quilts of the 1950s and part memoir honoring the author’s mother Hazel. The appealing bright, cheerful prints of that era are popular again, as is nostalgia for a lifestyle represented by a white farmhouse kitchen accented with that unique shade of jade green. These charming fabrics are highlighted in a dozen quilt blocks, the instructions for each accompanied by old family photos, excerpts from Hazel’s diary, and family stories. The blocks are combined into several lovely, scrappy pieced quilts, some with appliqué, beautifully photographed in settings reminiscent of the 1950s.

The family memories and photos added to the 1950s feel of the book and sense of life in that era. In the introduction to the book, Ms. Pagliai provides insight into the book’s origins. Her mother Hazel, an accomplished sewer and quilter, passed her skills and love of having fun on to her daughters. Sadly, Hazel died young - but she left behind a diary detailing her life as a teenager in the 1950s. These diary entries were combined with family interviews, research about the era, and the author’s love of quilting into an ongoing blog with quilt-alongs over the past few years. The result is this delightful book!

A Simple Life is a well-written and well-illustrated quilt book and a good read. Having perused this book, it is time to open my bin of 1950s-style fabrics awaiting inspiration in my closet!

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