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Civil War Legacies II

by Carol Hopkins
Retail: $24.99   33% off

Author of the best-selling book Civil War Legacies, Carol is back with another set of timeless patterns. Each engaging pattern will take you back in history, and is ideal for reproduction fabrics reminiscent of the 1860's. There's something for every quilter in this book, from beginning to advanced, you just have to love historical quilts!

Techniques: piecing

17 projects - 80 color pgs. Item No. 45974

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I love little quilts! And, more than that, I love Civil War Reproduction fabrics. One more thing… I'm on a "little quilt" kick.

Yay, all those "love" things are in this book right here in my hot little hands. 17 little quilts made out of Civil War reproductions from traditional blocks; nothing fancy schmancy, just the meat & potatoes of quilting.

If you want to learn, this book is a great way of doing that with all skill levels included. You can work yourself up the technical ladder pretty darn quick! Not only that, you have ample opportunity to learn color dynamics with so many small projects. You could feasibly be a pro quilter by the time you're done with this book! No, REALLY!

Another great addition to the book is Carol's "Add Interest" hints. They are tips on how to beef up a design to take it from a good looking quilt to a fabulous quilt. And, every design comes with a bit of history about the quilt, a special thought or remembrance which gives each project some added fun and interest. Speaking of that, do you know what Goober Peas are? You'll find out in this book!

Hey, I'd like to tell you more but I have a little quilt to build...

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