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Embroidered Mandalas

by various authors
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Get a jump start into embroidery with these 25 beautiful mandala transfers. Simply iron these designs onto your fabrics and start to embroider. Each pattern can be used up to five times! Embroidery can be calming and meditative, and these mandalas are perfect for anyone who enjoys the relaxation of coloring but is ready to try something new. Includes basic embroidery instructions to get newbies started.

Techniques: embroidery

spiral-bound, 25 designs Item No. 46507

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I love doing embroidery. I find it very relaxing. So when there is something that makes it even easier and more relaxing like providing iron-on designs, I am in. Embroidered Mandalas has 25 unique designs and each mandala can be ironed-on up to 5 times. Some of the mandalas have some thick lines, so you may choose to transfer those patterns using a more traditional method than iron-on.
The first several pages has basic embroidery directions and basics, including directions on several stitches. This feature makes it perfect for the beginner too. The book also has some full colored versions of finished embroidered mandalas. I am using this book to get out of my stitch rut of using the same 3 stitches with a limited color palette on every project. Wish me luck as I add some more color and variety into my embroidery.

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