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Free-Motion Machine Quilting

by Don Linn
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Build your free-motion machine quilting skills by practicing Don?s series of exercises using your table-top machine. For those who have struggled with machine quilting in the past, he troubleshoots common problems and shares invaluable solutions. Also included is a gallery of 50 quilting designs. If you follow the exercises in this book, you?ll have perfect points, straight lines, and smooth curves quilted on to your projects in no time.

Techniques: free-motion machine quilting

50 designs – 79 color pgs Item No. 45360

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Being a beginner at machine quilting, this book caught my eye. I won't quilt anything that requires me to take my walking foot off or go in a direction other than straight because I am so unsure of what I am doing. Don Linn does an excellent job of going through each step of the process from talking about tools to actually practicing. He gives a lot of great tips that are really helpful. My favorite part is the troubleshooting guide to common quilting problems and their solutions because for me, nothing ever goes right when it comes to free-motion quilting. There are also quilting designs included that you can practice with or use if you are just brushing up on your quilting skills. It's almost like getting a personal lesson on quilting!

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