Improv Paper Piecing

by Amy Friend
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Discover a unique approach to creating one-of-a-kind blocks with guided exercises that explore scale, symmetry, and alternate gridwork. Then, you'll have the opportunity to design your own patterns. You really can have the precision of paper piecing while using those amazing secondary patterns we all love in traditional blocks.

Techniques: piecing, paper-piecing

9 projects, 144 color pgs Item No. 46506

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I really enjoy the process of paper piecing blocks for quilts. I also find I am drawn more and more to the modern quilts with open spaces and bold pops of color. Improv Paper Piecing by Amy Friend takes a modern approach to paper-pieced block design.
For example, the chapter on paper-piecing essentials uses a traditional Flying Geese block; also included is a section on how to group and number paper-pieced templates. There are 10 exercises in this book, which translates into 10 quilt tops. You are encouraged to sketch and play with a traditional block so that it is no longer symmetrical. Each exercise expands on the improv method, taking different traditional blocks and redesigning them so that they are no longer symmetrical.
Once you have completed all the exercises, additional chapters help with creating alternative settings for the blocks, fabric selection, quilting and binding choices. The quilting shows nicely in all the photos, which I really like. All of the paper-piecing templates for each exercise are included in this book.
I can’t wait to try this improv method on my next paper-piecing project!

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