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Lucky Spools Essential Guide to Modern Quilt Making

by various authors
Retail: $28.95   50% off

If you have been interested in learning more about modern quilt making, this beautifully designed book is your ticket to success! With the teachings of 10 renowned and respected instructors, you will learn everything from composition to color matching with a modern eye.

Techniques: piecing, reference

16 projects - 191 color pgs. Item No. 46022

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I love this book because it explores a number of different techniques often used in Modern quiltmaking. The authors explore modern twists on classic settings that start with the simplicity of variable framing and end with the more complex paneling technique. From paper-piecing to curved piecing and more, you’ll still get a nice variety of techniques. Of course, Angela Walters is also featured in this book because she’s a master at modern quilting. She encourages us to “think outside the quilting box” and explore making the layout of our quilt a little different. If you love modern quilting, or are just curious as to what exactly it is, this book is a great choice. I’m really excited to have this in my quilt library!

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