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Ribbon Embroidery & Stumpwork

by Di van Niekerk
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Dive into the fiber arts with this comprehensive guide which covers everything from needles, thread, and ribbons to step-by-step instructions on creating beautiful panel pieces. Includes a detailed stitch glossary with illustrations of more than 40 stitches. Learn how to integrate your favorite flowers into masterpieces of all kinds!

Techniques: embroidery, ribbon embroidery, stumpwork

over 30 designs, 128 color pgs Item No. 46411

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Most people know about ribbon embroidery, but many don't know about stumpwork. Stumpwork is embroidery that is stitched in such a way that it raises above the fabric. It gives the project a great deal of dimension. The book has been written with a beginner in mind. Everything needed to know to get a great start at embroidery and ribbon work is here. Complete and accurate instructions are included with beautiful pictures and artwork; easy to understand illustrations lead the embroiderer through each step with measurable success. You will enjoy the beauty within this book! I'm quite curious and excited to begin tackling some of these techniques. I've done a great deal of embroidery, however have never done stumpwork nor ribbon embroidery. I love a challenge and this is a super book to begin learning with.

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