Shape by Shape Collection 2

by Angela Walters
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With over 70 quilting designs and ideas perfect for tackling specific shapes, this book gives you freedom to experiment with quilting squares, circles, triangles, diamonds, hexagons, borders, blocks, and more. Step-by-step instructions, a visual index, and details of motifs make this book a winner!

Techniques: machine quilting

70 designs, 128 color pgs Item No. 46372

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I loved the first Shape by Shape book by Angela Walters and now there is a second book! This book is full of more quilting ideas for various block shapes. I have a hard time visualizing what would look good in a block and just looking at this book fills my head with so many ideas! This book is for domestic sewing machines, mid arms, and long arms. It is going to be on my bookshelf so when I need help it is in easy reach!

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