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Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts

by Mary Elizabeth Kinch & Biz Storms
Retail: $26.99   60% off

It's time to slow down and enjoy every step of the quilting process. These exquisite quilts are made with many tiny pieces. Mary Elizabeth and Biz both warn that once you start making quilts with small pieces, you won't be able to stop! The designs in this book are inspired by antique quilts and feature reproduction fabrics. The results are eye-popping! 

Techniques: piecing

10 projects – 96 color pgs. Item No. 45592

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I consider myself still a novice when it comes to quilting. I've made a handful of quilts now, and quilted projects like pillows and bags, but I am still pretty new to taking on quilts. And yet I seem to almost always be drawn to the most intricate of styles and designs. So I was quite enamored flipping through the pages of Mary Elizabeth Kinch and Biz Storms' book Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts. That title says it all. These quilts are simply amazing and awe inspiring. At my first glance of one of these quilts I think "oh my gosh that's gorgeous", and then my next thought is, "I would love to make one of those one day"; but then it's usually followed by another thought that seems to talk me out of it because how daunting the task would be. However, luckily for me, I'm surrounded by quilt designers who enlighten me with their perspectives. My friend Mari suggested that I get others to help me--find a design I like, start block by block, and encourage others who like the idea of lending a hand and being part of a quilting bee to help with the heavy load of all that work. I thought that idea was brilliant, not to mention it would be even more special since I had helping hands along the way. I'm sorry I digressed a bit, but all this excitement is coming from reading this book. One of my favorite quilts shown in the book is called "Swirls" from around 1880, this quilt has thousands of tiny triangles that measure a mere 1/2", talk about amazing!! Another of my favorites is one that the ladies designed called "Making Waves". This quilt only has a few thousand half-square triangles, that's it! But oh is it pretty! So if you're anything like me and inspired by these types of quilts, this book is a must to have in your library!

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