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Modern Vintage Gifts
Modern Vintage Gifts by Helen Philipps $15.55 Retail: $22.99   32% off

The Half-Square Triangle
The Half-Square Triangle by Jeni Baker $19.85 Retail: $26.95   26% off

Patchwork City
Patchwork City by Elizabeth Hartman $19.22 Retail: $25.95   26% off
Alison Glass Applique
Alison Glass Applique by Alison Glass $17.37 Retail: $28.95   40% off

100 Modern Quilt Blocks
100 Modern Quilt Blocks by Tula Pink $19.54 Retail: $27.99   30% off
A Bit of Applique
A Bit of Applique by Amy Struckmeyer $13.50 Retail: $26.99   50% off
Quick Change
Quick Change by various authors $14.99 Retail: $24.99   40% off

Simple Quilts from Me and My Sister Designs
Simple Quilts from Me and My Sister Designs by Barbara Groves & Mary Jacobson $9.99 Retail: $14.99   33% off
Toddler Towne
Toddler Towne by Susan Marth $6.38 Retail: $15.95   60% off

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