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Stitches in Rhyme

by Donna di Natale & Amy Ubben
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Bask in the nostalgia of classic Mother Goose rhymes as you stitch up some whimsical and often useful projects for a new generation. Using classic embroidery techniques and the vintage aesthetic of the designs, this book adapts them all to a new modern look for the young ones in your life.

Techniques: piecing, embroidery, general sewing

12 projects, 96 color pgs Item No. 46090

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I can't help but have a very large soft spot for both old Mother Goose rhymes and embroidery. So naturally, when Stitches in Rhyme joined the Connecting Threads collection, I was immediately smitten.

With cute quilts and practical objects, not to mention plenty of great embroidery, this book offers a lot of fun to even just embellish things you already have around the house or gifts for kids you want to personalize. As a bit of a nostalgic person, I just love the idea of using the provided embroidery blocks on a simple quilt and gifting it with a copy of Mother Goose, I might just have to do that!

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