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Tales of First Ladies

by Eleanor Burns
Retail: $24.95   55% off

You will enjoy making traditional quilt blocks designed to honor the brave First Ladies from our past. The roll of the First Lady has evolved over the centuries, and Eleanor sees them as courageous and fascinating women; to celebrate them she's written this book inspired by traditional quilts from the early 19th century and on. You'll learn the history of several First Ladies from Martha Washington to Mary Todd Lincoln, as well as learn where the traditional applique and pieced block designs originated from. Includes full-sized patterns and a student art gallery of finished quilts for inspiration.

Techniques: piecing and applique

9 projects -128 pgs. Item No. 45549

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Dedicated to seven First Ladies of America, this lovely book is packed with engaging information about our foremothers. There is such focus on our Presidents it's rare we find such personal information about their wives. Outstanding in their own right, each "First Lady" contributed significantly to our beautiful country. Read about their lives before marrying into White House roles, learn how they chose to cope with difficult circumstances not of their making, but accompanying their husband's position as President, and see how women of integrity influenced the making of America. If you're a dedicated lover of quilt history there is much to garner from this book. I love quilt history and the substantial contributions women made to our lives.

Compiled in true Eleanor fashion, you will find quality images and diagrams, unambiguous instructions, detailed and easy to read lists of fabric requirements, and just a plain good read! Can't get better than that! On a side note....each quilt block attributed to each First Lady was interesting to me as they are all fairly difficult blocks compared to quilt projects of today and most were probably hand-pieced. They were not timid, nor lazy when it came to their quilt work. Their quilt projects were of utmost importance and they took pride in their work. Hmmm.....a good lesson for me!

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