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The Civil War Sewing Circle

by Kathleen Tracy
Retail: $24.99   29% off

Take a journey back to the Civil War days with these beautiful quilts. Learn how this time period changed woman's roles and involvement in civil and political matters. And make some wonderful quilts along the way. Projects include large and small quilts, plus a pincushion, sewing box, and needle case. Through photos and letters this book gives a glimpse into the lives of the men and women that lived through the Civil War.

Techniques: piecing, English Paper Piecing, and applique

16 projects - 80 color pgs. Item No. 45337

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I love reading about historical situations where women have gathered together formally for the purpose of serving the needs of others. It demonstrates a strength and fidelity that seems to be a thread among the female population throughout history. This book, while a quilting book with quilt patterns, is also a history book enlightening the reader about the admirable ways in which women came together for a purpose. It gives me a great feeling of pride to know so many women have been and are consistently selfless in their giving and totally dedicated to the purpose for which they hold themselves. They demonstrate a character strong and dedicated to a moral code they believed worthy of a good life.

Included are sixteen projects including little and big quilts along with quick projects like a pincushion, sewing box and needle case. Throughout the book we are also delightfully given excerpts from personal letters from loved ones, old sewing tips, historical tidbits about quilt blocks, quilts as teaching opportunities for children and historical pictures.

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