The Crazy Quilt Handbook - Revised 3rd Edition

by Judith Baker Montano
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This must-have resource has been updated with new stitches and techniques. Includes a history of crazy quilting, beautiful projects to make, a dictionary of embroidery and silk ribbon stitches, and detailed instructions for additional embellishments. Benefit from Judith's wealth of knowledge on colors, fabrics, piecing, embroidery, applique, photography, painting, dyeing, and more.

Techniques: piecing, applique, embroidery

12 projects, 37 stitches, 112 color pgs Item No. 46118

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If you are looking for a fun and approachable take on crazy quilting, this book is it. While I am definitely a person who can appreciate order and crisp lines, I also love to be able to throw things together and end up with something spectacular-- much like a good stew. I guess that's how I see crazy quilting: like a good stew. With the assorted techniques and projects, the reader is left with some good "flavor combinations" and "recipes" to always end up with lovely results no matter what. I can't wait to try out some of these approaches on an old crazy quilt I have in need of repair.

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