The Embroidery Book

by Christen Brown
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This striking visual guide with 149 decorative stitches, motifs, and more will teach you everything you need to know about embroidery and embellishment. Practice traditional or contemporary crazy quilting with thread, silk ribbon, beads, and trims by creating your own stitch journal. Choose from eight color schemes with fabric and thread suggestions for artful embroidery. Stitch classic seam treatments and stunning stand-alone designs as you go beyond the basics to learn what embroidery can do for you.

Techniques: embroidery, embellishment

149 stitches, 160 color pgs Item No. 46456

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The Embroidery Book by Christen Brown is a terrific resource for hand embroidery stitches and crazy quilt designs. I jumped on the chance to review this lovely book because I wanted to make a block for a current project - an alphabet primer quilt with a “C for crazy quilt” block. The book provided all the assistance I needed: information about embroidery supplies, choosing a color palette, and planning a design. There is a large section of stitches from which to choose – with step-by-step instructions, clear diagrams, and beautiful photos. Most helpful was a page illustrating how a crazy quilt design is developed by first covering the seams with row stitches. Then decorative stitches are added to the row stitches. Finally, detail stitches and embellishments are added to complete the crazy quilt effect.

My block turned out great! Inspired by the abundance of embroidery and crazy quilt projects in the book, I chose some of my favorite elements to add to the block. I embroidered the row stitches, embellished some of them with more stitches, and added a butterfly, two dragonflies, some flowers, and of course a spider web – all in a 5” finished block! Now that my crazy quilt block is completed, I am eager to start making my own embroidery journal - a cloth book with each page covered in embroidery stitches. The author provides instructions and illustrations for each page following the organization of the stitches in the book. By the time the pages are completed, I will have mastered all 149 stitches in The Embroidery Book! Making the journal will be good practice; the finished project will be a useful stitch reference guide for future projects. I can’t wait!

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