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The Grid Design Workbook

by Cindy Seitz-Krug
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Whether you're looking at new modern quilts, or quilts from several hundred years ago, you eye is drawn to the structure and symmetry of gridded designs. This workbook will teach you how to get started quilting many beautiful gridded designs. You'll learn techniques such as: echo quilting around motifs, clamshell, cathedral window, orange peel, basket weave, optical illusions, checkerboard, square in a square, greek key, plover, double/triple grid, pinwheels, twisted ginkgos, washing and blocking, The back of the book is filled with inspirational quilts, and workbook sheets so that you can practice drawing out your quilting before you begin. Tips and tricks and easy-to-read instructions are also included throughout the book.

Techniques: free motion quilting, reference

96 color pgs  · reference Item No. 46476

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The Grid Design Workbook by Cindy Seitz-Krug is a terrific resource for quilters who admire professional quality machine quilting when seen on quilts, especially those in quilt shows and quilt books - and aspire to similar results in their own machine quilting. The author does amazing heirloom machine quilting with her domestic sewing machine; the book’s contents are applicable to longarm quilting as well. The book, which focuses mainly on background designs, starts with the basics of supplies for marking and quilting and jumps right into drawing grids to sew background designs of Clamshells, Cathedral Window, and Orange Peel designs with many variations. Then, on to Basket Weave, Optical Illusions which provide a secondary pattern of puffed areas mimicking trapunto, Checkerboard, Square-in-a-Square, Greek Key, Plover, Double/Triple Grids, Pinwheels, and Twisted Ginkos. So many choices for creating lovely background effects!

Often a machine quilting book starts with photos of intricate, professionally quilted quilts that feel beyond the capability of the beginning or average machine quilter. It was clever of the author to insert a gallery of photos of stunning award-winning quilts featuring gridded background designs toward the end of the book. By then, the quilter reading the book has absorbed numerous well-written and well-illustrated step-by-step instructions for many gridded patterns. Intimidation is replaced by inspiration, a recognition of how the backgrounds were sewn, and a burgeoning feeling of “I could this!”

I would recommend The Grid Design Workbook to other quilters wanting to improve their machine quilting skills. Before trying to quilt the numerous designs I plan to use the practice pages provided to draw various designs on grids, thereby training my brain and motor skills to remember the flow of the designs. Can’t wait to get started!

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