The Guide to Grids

by Gina Perkes
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Learn how to master quilting with grids! In this book you'll discover how to transfer a grid onto your quilt, quilting using stencils, rulers, working around applique designs, curvy free-motion crosshatching, continuous curve designs, starburst designs, figure eights, and more. You'll explore free-motion ruler techniques using any style of machine and create elaborate designs quickly and easily using grids as your guide.

Techniques: free motion quilting

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I have taken free-motion quilting classes in the past and I can doodle on a practice quilt sandwich like crazy. But then what? I don't understand how to transfer what I have learned onto a real project and have it look like I have a plan. I love this book. It teaches you to make grids and use them as a guide to contain or guide your quilting. The instructions and illustrations are very good and there are a lot of helpful tips and suggestions for getting started.

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