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by Flora Joy
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Learn to create a three-dimensional showpiece that demonstrates both technical and artistic abilities. A great choice for quilters who love a challenge. Instructions on photo manipulation allow for images of varying sizes to blend seamlessly into one quilt. Learn how to bring out photo details with decorative stitches, thread painting, or bobbin work. Flora expounds upon how to pleat your images to create the 3-n-1 effect.

Techniques: piecing, quilting, reference

1 project, 95 color pgs Item No. 46315

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I jumped at the chance to review Trispective – The 3-in-1 Quilt because this past fall, while attending a large quilt show, I was amazed to see a remarkable quilt that showed a portrait of Jacqueline Kennedy, Oprah Winfrey, and Mother Theresa – depending on where you stood! The quilt is shown on the cover of Trispective – The 3-in-1 Quilt. The author’s book describes the process of image selection, computerized image editing, printing the images on fabric, quilt construction, and decorative stitching in detail with step-by-step photographs. Instructions are also provided for making a simplified Trispective quilt without the use of a computer. Resources are given for preprinted fabric and prepared frame pieces ready to be made into a Trispective quilt.

The picture frame, also visible on the book cover, is a work of art in itself. Flora Joy creates an intricate frame with trapunto and decorative stitching. I want to try her “sand stitching”, which is so tiny it appears to be grains of sand. The dense quilting in small areas highlights trapunto and less densely quilted areas enhancing the 3-D effect. This book is a well-written and well-illustrated book on a very unusual idea that was years in the making. Yet, the author provides so much information, illustration, and encouragement, making a Trispective quilt seems doable!

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