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Yoko Saito's Bags for Everyday Use

by Yoko Saito
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This collection of bags reflects the cultures and geography from Yoko Saito's perspective as she takes us through Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and the United States of America. Not only are they beautiful and unique in design and form, they are practical for everyday use.

Techniques: piecing, general sewing, applique, embroidery

21 projects, 111 pgs Item No. 46112

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To me, Yoko Saito has become synonymous with Japanese taupes and intricate designs. She uses color and texture to great effect and looking through one of her books is a feast for the eyes—this book is no exception. True to its title all the bags have very usable designs, but she takes the simple bag and elevates it to a work of art.

Ms. Saito drew her inspiration for these bags from her travels to Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and the United States, trying to capture some aspect of each country in her design. My favorite is the simple but unusual design of the Modern Structural Bag, representing Italy, with its straight ‘columns’ all around.

This book has been translated from Japanese so all projects have been done using the metric system but the corresponding Imperial measurements have been provided in brackets. The written instructions assume a knowledge of sewing, have detailed illustrations, and include separate sheets of full-sized templates. Also included are two step-by-step lessons with full color pictures, and a section showing Ms. Saito’s techniques for applique, piecework, embroidery, and quilting, all done by hand.

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