How to use the Design Table

We have provided a Design Table that you can use to see up to 8 different fabrics on the table at one time.

How to add fabrics to the Design Table

While viewing the Individual Fabrics you will see the "Add to Design Table" link directly under each fabric swatch.  If you click on the link, it will automatically place the fabric on your Design Table.  If you want to add additional fabric to the Design Table you can click the Back button in your browser and you will go back to the fabric collection you just put on the Design Table.  Now you can pick another fabric from the same collection to add to the Design Table.  If you want to add a fabric from a different Collection you can click on the Fabric Tab and it will show you all the collections and you can proceed to the individual fabrics and add them to your Design Table by clicking on the Design Table Icon at the bottom right side of the fabric swatch.

Once all of the fabric is on your Design Table you can move them around by dragging them with your mouse.  You can also remove or add the fabric on the table by checking the "Add/Remove" box under the fabric swatch at the bottom of the page.  You can also delete the fabric from the Design Table group by un-clicking the "Display Above" box below each swatch.

Ordering the Fabric on the Design Table

Once you have viewed the fabric on the Design Table you can order the amount you will need by finding the swatch at the bottom of the page and clicking one of the Basket Icons to the right of each swatch.  The top Basket Icon is for a 1 yd cut, the second is for a ½ yd cut and the third is used to request a custom cut of the fabric.

Have fun mixing and matching fabric!