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Quilting Fabrics, direct from the mill, starting at $5.96 per yard. Quilting Kits and Fabric Samplers with no charge for cutting. 100% cotton Quilting Thread, plus Quilt Books, Free Patterns and more. Canadian Shipping
Batik Paradise Limited Edition
Connecting Threads Exclusive! These vibrant, limited edition fabrics are printed and hand-dyed on 100% cotton by skilled artisans in Java, Indonesia; a country that has been producing stunning Batik prints for thousands of years. Each yard of this fabric is gorgeous and unique. These Batik fabrics are both beautiful and soft, a quilter's dream! Width of Fabric will be between 42-44". Manufactured by Connecting Threads.

100% Cotton Batik Fabric

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Batik Fabric 7475
Angel Fish (Ink)
Angel Fish Ink $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7476
Angel Fish (Tropical Reef)
Angel Fish Tropical Reef $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7477
Angel Fish (Lagoon)
Angel Fish Lagoon $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7478
Underwater Garden (Leaf Green)
Underwater Garden Leaf Green $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7479
Underwater Garden (Ocean)
Underwater Garden Ocean $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7480
Underwater Garden (Fresh)
Underwater Garden Fresh $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7481
Underwater Garden (Carnival)
Underwater Garden Carnival $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7482
Sea Flowers (Sea Glass)
Sea Flowers Sea Glass $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7484
Sea Flowers (Citrus)
Sea Flowers Citrus $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7485
Sea Flowers (Surf)
Sea Flowers Surf $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7486
Waves (Aquamarine)
Waves Aquamarine $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7487
Waves (Triton)
Waves Triton $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7488
Waves (Sapphire)
Waves Sapphire $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7489
Waves (Sherbet)
Waves Sherbet $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7491
Aquatic Life (Sunset)
Aquatic Life Sunset $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7492
Fishing Net (Harbor)
Fishing Net Harbor $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7493
Fishing Net (Ice Blue)
Fishing Net Ice Blue $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7495
Fishing Net (Margarita)
Fishing Net Margarita $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7496
Starfish (Algae)
Starfish Algae $7.96 / yd

Batik Fabric 7498
Starfish (Clear Water)
Starfish Clear Water $7.96 / yd


Batik Fabric 2593
New in Closeout! Dreamscape (Carnival)
Dreamscape Carnival $5.56 / yd Retail: $7.96   30% off

Batik Fabric 2594
New in Closeout! Dreamscape (Sherbet)
Dreamscape Sherbet $5.56 / yd Retail: $7.96   30% off

Batik Fabric 4472
New in Closeout! Plumage (Wren)
Plumage Wren $5.56 / yd Retail: $7.96   30% off

Batik Fabric 4478
New in Closeout! Spotted Texture (Wild Cat)
Spotted Texture Wild Cat $5.56 / yd Retail: $7.96   30% off

Batik Fabric 4879
New in Closeout! Plumage (Hummingbird)
Plumage Hummingbird $5.56 / yd Retail: $7.96   30% off

Batik Fabric 4883
New in Closeout! Spotted Texture (Root Beer)
Spotted Texture Root Beer $5.56 / yd Retail: $7.96   30% off

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