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Aunt Ruthie's Farm Stand
Aunt Ruthie's Farm Stand is Meg Hawkey's first fabric collection for Red Rooster. A delightful panel features a trailing morning glory vine that's perfect for the center of a table runner or quilt, a metal pail filled with fresh flowers that's great for a wall hanging or front of a tote, and six small vignettes for all kinds of home décor projects. Meg tells us, "The epitome of summer is driving down country roads and seeing farm stands…their awnings or tents ruffled by the warm breezes. I have to stop and walk into the shady interior to discover what's inside. I know there'll be shelves filled with locally made honey, mustards, dressings, preserves, and pickles and relishes in simple canning jars. This was the inspiration for Aunt Ruthie's Farm Stand. We've included a homey beige texture for backgrounds and embroidery…the charcoal color of an old blackboard…and the reds and greens of everything from cherry preserves to prize-winning dill pickles."

Quilting Fabrics by Meg Hawkey

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Quilting Cotton 3856
Mirage (Antique)
Mirage Antique $5.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 3895
Mirage (Taupe)
Mirage Taupe $5.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 3902
Mirage (Cream)
Mirage Cream $5.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 3907
Solid (Natural)
Solid Natural $4.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 3919
Solid (Cream)
Solid Cream $4.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 3962
Solid (Red)
Solid Red $4.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 5694
Mirage (Red)
Mirage Red $5.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 5695
Solid (Crimson)
Solid Crimson $4.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 5711
Swirls (Stone)
Swirls Stone $5.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 6662
New! Lotta Dots (Antique)
Lotta Dots Antique $5.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 6683
Lotta Dots (Tomato)
Lotta Dots Tomato $5.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 6686
New! Faux Burlap (Antique)
Faux Burlap Antique $5.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 6691
New! Faux Burlap (Cherry)
Faux Burlap Cherry $5.96 / yd