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Primitive Pennies Flannel
Connecting Threads Exclusive! Bring a touch of Americana charm into your home with Primitive Pennies Flannel. These cozy fabrics are offered in variety of beautiful prints and will pair perfectly with our Quilter's Candy Basic Flannels. Combine our Mirage Flannels with these fabrics to create lusciously soft quilts that you will treasure for years to come. Designed by Country Essentials for Connecting Threads.


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Quilting Cotton 6388
American Folk Art Flannel (Black)
American Folk Art Flannel Black $7.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 6389
New in Closeout! Country Houndstooth Flannel (Beige)
Country Houndstooth Flannel Beige $6.36 / yd Retail: $7.96   20% off

Quilting Cotton 6390
New in Closeout! Cozy Plaid Flannel (Denim)
Cozy Plaid Flannel Denim $6.36 / yd Retail: $7.96   20% off

Quilting Cotton 6391
New in Closeout! Cozy Plaid Flannel (Red)
Cozy Plaid Flannel Red $6.36 / yd Retail: $7.96   20% off

Quilting Cotton 6392
New in Closeout! Penny Stitch Flannel (Multi)
Penny Stitch Flannel Multi $6.36 / yd Retail: $7.96   20% off


Flannel 5450
Mirage Flannel (Evergreen)
Mirage Flannel Evergreen $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5456
Mirage Flannel (Wine)
Mirage Flannel Wine $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5527
Mirage Flannel (Black)
Mirage Flannel Black $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5528
Mirage Flannel (Cream)
Mirage Flannel Cream $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5529
Mirage Flannel (Fawn)
Mirage Flannel Fawn $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5532
Mirage Flannel (Indigo)
Mirage Flannel Indigo $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5538
Mirage Flannel (Pioneer)
Mirage Flannel Pioneer $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5539
Mirage Flannel (Red)
Mirage Flannel Red $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5542
Polka Dot Flannel (Chocolate)
Polka Dot Flannel Chocolate $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5550
Polka Dot Flannel (White Cream)
Polka Dot Flannel White Cream $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5551
Swirls Flannel (Beige)
Swirls Flannel Beige $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5552
Swirls Flannel (Black)
Swirls Flannel Black $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5558
Swirls Flannel (Pioneer)
Swirls Flannel Pioneer $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5559
Swirls Flannel (Red)
Swirls Flannel Red $7.96 / yd