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Quilter's Candy Flannel Novelties
A Connecting Threads Exclusive! Our Quilter's Candy Flannel Novelties are ideal for a variety of projects! The best part? They mix and match perfectly with our Quilter's Candy Flannel Basics. These great novelty prints are only available for a limited time so don't wait to get yardage of your favorites! Designed by Quilter's Candy for Connecting Threads.
Approx. Fabric Width: 44"

100% Flannel Cotton Fabric

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Quilting Cotton 9705
Butterfly Jubilee Flannel (Multi)
Butterfly Jubilee Flannel Multi $7.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9706
Safari Scout Flannel (Multi)
Safari Scout Flannel Multi $7.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9707
Hideaway House Flannel (Multi)
Hideaway House Flannel Multi $7.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 9708
Bear Run Stripe Flannel (Multi)
Bear Run Stripe Flannel Multi $7.96 / yd


Flannel 5450
Mirage Flannel (Evergreen)
Mirage Flannel Evergreen $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5456
Mirage Flannel (Wine)
Mirage Flannel Wine $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5531
Mirage Flannel (Honeysuckle)
Mirage Flannel Honeysuckle $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5544
Polka Dot Flannel (Honeysuckle)
Polka Dot Flannel Honeysuckle $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5547
Polka Dot Flannel (Sea Breeze)
Polka Dot Flannel Sea Breeze $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5548
Polka Dot Flannel (Sweet Pink)
Polka Dot Flannel Sweet Pink $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5549
Polka Dot Flannel (Violet)
Polka Dot Flannel Violet $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5552
Swirls Flannel (Black)
Swirls Flannel Black $7.96 / yd

Flannel 8516
Mirage Flannel (Peridot)
Mirage Flannel Peridot $7.96 / yd

Flannel 8518
Polka Dot Flannel (Bark)
Polka Dot Flannel Bark $7.96 / yd

Flannel 8523
Swirls Flannel (Ivy)
Swirls Flannel Ivy $7.96 / yd

Flannel 8524
Swirls Flannel (Marigold)
Swirls Flannel Marigold $7.96 / yd

Flannel 8531
Solid Flannel (White)
Solid Flannel White $7.96 / yd

Flannel 8533
Plaid Flannel (Black)
Plaid Flannel Black $7.96 / yd

Flannel 8534
Plaid Flannel (Ivy)
Plaid Flannel Ivy $7.96 / yd

Flannel 8535
Plaid Flannel (Mustard)
Plaid Flannel Mustard $7.96 / yd

Flannel 8536
Plaid Flannel (Pink)
Plaid Flannel Pink $7.96 / yd

Flannel 8537
Plaid Flannel (Red)
Plaid Flannel Red $7.96 / yd

Flannel 8539
Plaid Flannel (Sea Breeze)
Plaid Flannel Sea Breeze $7.96 / yd