Has autumn ever looked better than it does with the beautiful, hand painted designs of Sun Kissed Harvest? Fabric designer Jenni Calo was inspired by the rich and beautiful colors of fall when she was designing this collection. The best part is that the fabrics are so versatile! Whether you're decorating your home or your daughter's dorm room, this collection appeals to a vast audience and is great for any type of project you can dream up.


Quilting Cotton 3862
Closeout! Mirage (Coal)
Mirage Coal $4.84 / yd Retail: $6.96   30% off

Quilting Cotton 3874
Closeout! Mirage (Olive)
Mirage Olive $4.84 / yd Retail: $6.96   30% off

Quilting Cotton 3891
New in Closeout! Mirage (Avocado)
Mirage Avocado $5.56 / yd Retail: $6.96   20% off

Quilting Cotton 5701
Swirls (Black)
Swirls Black $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 5707
Swirls (Paprika)
Swirls Paprika $6.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 5711
Closeout! Swirls (Stone)
Swirls Stone $4.84 / yd Retail: $6.96   30% off