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Quilting Fabrics, direct from the mill, starting at $5.96 per yard. Quilting Kits and Fabric Samplers with no charge for cutting. 100% cotton Quilting Thread, plus Quilt Books, Free Patterns and more. Free Shipping to Canada
Flannel and Brushed Cotton Fabrics
Our flannel fabrics are the softest we've ever felt! Perfect for any type of project - from baby quilts, to pajama bottoms, to a snuggly throw quilt - you'll love working with these cozy, 100% cotton flannel fabrics.
Width of Fabric: 42-44"
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Quilting Cotton 7856
New! Space Party Flannel (Black)
Space Party Flannel Black $7.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 7857
New! Spaceships Flannel (Orange)
Spaceships Flannel Orange $7.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 7858
New! Constellations Flannel (Cerulean)
Constellations Flannel Cerulean $7.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 7859
New! Meteor Shower Flannel (Royal Purple)
Meteor Shower Flannel Royal Purple $7.96 / yd

Flannel 7673
Plaid Striped Flannel (Ash)
Plaid Striped Flannel Ash $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7674
Little Plaid Flannel (Papaya)
Little Plaid Flannel Papaya $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7675
Blurred Plaid Flannel (Lagoon)
Blurred Plaid Flannel Lagoon $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7676
Tweed Texture Flannel (Rouge)
Tweed Texture Flannel Rouge $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7677
Tweed Texture Flannel (Gravel)
Tweed Texture Flannel Gravel $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7678
Tweed Texture Flannel (Tan)
Tweed Texture Flannel Tan $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7679
Tweed Texture Flannel (Kale)
Tweed Texture Flannel Kale $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7680
Textured Flannel (Night)
Textured Flannel Night $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7682
Striped Tweed Flannel (Raffia)
Striped Tweed Flannel Raffia $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7684
Striped Tweed Flannel (Faded Denim)
Striped Tweed Flannel Faded Denim $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7685
Tiny Houndstooth Flannel (Green Olive)
Tiny Houndstooth Flannel Green Olive $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7686
Tiny Houndstooth Flannel (Rouge)
Tiny Houndstooth Flannel Rouge $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7687
Tiny Houndstooth Flannel (Black)
Tiny Houndstooth Flannel Black $9.44 / yd

Flannel 7008
Mirage Flannel (Pale Sky)
Mirage Flannel Pale Sky $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5450
Mirage Flannel (Evergreen)
Mirage Flannel Evergreen $7.96 / yd

Flannel 5456
Mirage Flannel (Wine)
Mirage Flannel Wine $7.96 / yd

Quilting Cotton 6388
Closeout! American Folk Art Flannel (Black)
American Folk Art Flannel Black $4.76 / yd Retail: $7.96   40% off

Quilting Cotton 6389
Closeout! Country Houndstooth Flannel (Beige)
Country Houndstooth Flannel Beige $4.76 / yd Retail: $7.96   40% off

Quilting Cotton 6391
Closeout! Cozy Plaid Flannel (Red)
Cozy Plaid Flannel Red $4.76 / yd Retail: $7.96   40% off

Flannel 5519
Argyle Flannel (Apple)
Argyle Flannel Apple $7.96 / yd

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