Family Tree Banner Pattern Download

by Jody Houghton

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There is nothing more important than family. Celebrate your loved ones with this beautiful family tree wall hanging. Just as a tree grows more branches, this wall hanging can be customized to allow space as your family grows. An easy treasure to create with several options for lettering the names onto the fabric. Templates are included in the pattern for ease of spacing and aligning the family names.

Fabric Requirements
  • 1 Circle of Family Panel
  • 3/4 yard - Cream Mirage
  • 1 yard - Leafy Border Print (This should be enough for the top border and up to 3 children's banners)
  • 1/8 yard - Heart Notes/Antique Print for accents on
  • 1/2 yard - Peridot Pin Dots for binding
  • 1/8 yard - Solid Black for binding for each Child Banner
  • 1 1/2 yards plus 1/8 yard for each child banner for Backing

32" x 50" Item No. 10276D