Snail Trail Pattern Download

by Two Sisters at Squirrel Hollow

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This cozy quilt is made with only 9 big blocks. Add a plush or flannel backing to make this blanket snuggly for that special little someone. The applique design is so simple to create. Sweet dreams lay ahead with this irresistible quilt & pillow!
Bonus! Because of the way the X-Block is constructed, you will be able to make a pillow other projects with the leftover cut off squares.

Fabric Requirements
  • Fabric A: light color in snail block, center block, X-Block centers - 1 3/4 yards
  • Fabric B: dark color in snail block, X-Block triangles - 1 yard
  • Fabric C: center block triangles, X-Block triangles, binding - 1 yard
  • Fabric D: assorted X-Blocks triangle - 1/4 yard
  • Fabric E, F & G: assorted X-Blocks triangles in three colors - 1/2 yard, three fabrics
  • Snail Shell - 10"x10" plush fabric
  • Shell Swirls - 8"x8" plush fabric, two colors
  • Backing: 60" fabric - 1 1/2 yards or 40" fabric - 2 7/8 yards

48" square & pillow Item No. 10036D