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Quilting Fabrics, direct from the mill, starting at $5.96 per yard. Quilting Kits and Fabric Samplers with no charge for cutting. 100% cotton Quilting Thread, plus Quilt Books, Free Patterns and more. Canadian Shipping Promotion

Quilter's Candy Flannel Quilt Fabric

Quilter's Candy Flannel Soft Samplers

Quilter's Candy Flannel Soft Samplers

From the Quilter's Candy Flannel collection

Contains 14 fabrics.

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Cut Type Total Yards Your Cost ID# Add
18" x 20" Fat Quarters 3.50 yd $27.86 5633
10" squares Stack 0.97 yd $7.74 5634
5" squares Charm Squares 0.24 yd $1.93 5635