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Black Gold Needles - Applique/Sharps

by Clover
Experience the astonishing smoothness with every use. The Black Gold hand sewing needles are ideal for applique. Each needle is polished along the axis to reduce friction, making each passage through your fabric smoother and easier. The needles are coated with an ultra thin black plating for anti-rust protection. Designed for the ultimate balance between hardness and flexibility, these needles will stand the test of time.

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  Item No. Product Description Your Cost Retail Add
21198 Sale! size 9  · 6 needles per pack   40% off $3.30 $5.50
21199 size 10  · 6 needles per pack   20% off $4.40 $5.50
21200 size 12  · 6 needles per pack   20% off $4.40 $5.50
21201 sizes 9,10,12 two needles of each size  · 6 needles per pack   20% off $4.40 $5.50

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