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Clover Trace 'n Mark Air Erasable Pen

by Clover
Retail: $6.75   40% off
A great fabric marker that will air erase naturally or immediately with water. Markings will naturally disappear within 2 to 14 days. Please test on scrap fabric first. There are two tip sizes: one fine, and one thick.

Pink Item No. 81958

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Clover Trace 'n Mark Water Erasable Pen water erasable fabric marker $4.05 Retail: $6.75   40% off
Clover Brush Type Eraser Pen

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I love these new extra thick fabric pens from Nancy Zieman. I often have trouble getting fine-tipped fabric pens to show up on my fabrics, and these thick ones glide on smoothly and effortlessly. I use a lot of blue fabric, so it's nice to have a pink marker option. I'm keeping both colors close at hand on my cutting table. -Melissa

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