Pins & Needles Accessories     
Everything you need to care for or store your pins and needles.
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Color Wheel Pin Cushion Kit

Color Wheel Pin Cushion Kit fabric pincushion kit $14.40 Retail: $18.00   20% off
Ladybug Sewing Caddy

Ladybug Sewing Caddy bobbin, scissors, and pins keeper 3-1/2" x 1-1/4" $13.99

Zirkel Magnetic Pin Holder

Zirkel Magnetic Pin Holder magnetic pin organizer that fans out $19.99
Needle Tip Tweezers

Needle Tip Tweezers sewing tweezers $2.99 Retail: $4.99   40% off

Clover Desk Needle Threader

Clover Desk Needle Threader Purple Desk Needle Threader $13.00 Retail: $16.25   20% off

Aunt Becky's Finger Saver

Aunt Becky's Finger Saver hand-quilting tool $4.00 Retail: $5.00   20% off

Quilter's Delight Safety Pin Grip Covers

Quilter's Delight Safety Pin Grip Covers helps grip safety pins $19.99

LED Needle Threader

LED Needle Threader light-up needle threader $5.59 Retail: $6.99   20% off
Machine Needle Pack II

Machine Needle Pack II machine needle storage pack $17.97 Retail: $29.95   40% off

Dome Threaded Needle Case

Dome Threaded Needle Case stores threaded needles $7.60 Retail: $9.50   20% off

Quilter's Basting Gun

Quilter's Basting Gun basting gun $22.39 Retail: $27.99   20% off

Quilter's Tips

Quilter's Tips plastic quilting grips $5.40 Retail: $6.75   20% off


ThimblePad reusable adhesive finger thimbles $5.32 Retail: $6.65   20% off

Dritz Needle Storage Tubes

Dritz Needle Storage Tubes needle storage tubes with labels and magnets $6.07 Retail: $7.59   20% off

Double Needle Threader

Double Needle Threader small & large eye needle threader $2.71 Retail: $3.99   32% off

Clover Embroidery Needle Threader

Clover Embroidery Needle Threader needle threader $7.96 Retail: $9.95   20% off

Kwik Klip

Kwik Klip stabilize safety pins while closing them $7.16 Retail: $8.95   20% off

Magnet Pin Caddy - Green

Magnet Pin Caddy - Green pin caddy $13.00 Retail: $16.25   20% off
Clover Create-a-Pincushion

Clover Create-a-Pincushion clover create a pincushion $6.27 - $7.16   Up to 30% off

Elizabeth I Scissors Needle Minder

Elizabeth I Scissors Needle Minder keep track of your needle - gold $11.50

Steweb Scissors Needle Minder

Steweb Scissors Needle Minder keep track of your needle - black $11.50

Needle Grip-It 2

Needle Grip-It 2 needle grippers $4.95 Retail: $6.19   20% off


Poke-A-Dots adhesive thimble dots $8.98

Open Sided Thimbles

Open Sided Thimbles open tip thimble $8.80   Up to 20% off

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