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     Quilt Pressing and Bias     
Tools for ironing, pressing, bias and more.

Clover Hot Ruler

Clover Hot Ruler heat resistant ruler $15.96 Retail: $19.95   20% off

Hot Hemmer

Hot Hemmer heat resistant pressing guide $14.36 Retail: $17.95   20% off

Fold Away

Fold Away travel ironing and cutting mat $22.23 - $37.59   Up to 20% off

Oliso Pro Smartiron

Oliso Pro Smartiron self-lifting steam iron $169.99 Retail: $200.00   15% off

Round-About 3 Piece Set

Round-About 3 Piece Set Turntable base, gridded cutting surface and ironing surface 17" diameter $129.00

Applique Pressing Sheet

Applique Pressing Sheet nonstick surface for fusible applique $11.99 Retail: $14.99   20% off

Clover Mini Iron

Clover Mini Iron miniature project iron $25.56 Retail: $31.95   20% off

Hold It Precision Stiletto

Hold It Precision Stiletto heat resistant stiletto $10.36 Retail: $12.95   20% off

Clover Wedge Iron

Clover Wedge Iron compact travel iron $39.98 Retail: $49.98   20% off

Iron Shine Cleaning Pen

Iron Shine Cleaning Pen iron cleaner $13.56 Retail: $16.95   20% off

IronSlide Ironing Board Cover - Giant

IronSlide Ironing Board Cover - Giant self-adhesive ironing board cover $34.99

Point 2 Point Turner

Point 2 Point Turner plastic point turner $7.40 Retail: $9.25   20% off

Mini Iron-Wooden Holder

Mini Iron-Wooden Holder wooden iron holder $7.99 Retail: $9.99   20% off

Finger Presser

Finger Presser portable finger presser $2.71 Retail: $3.39   20% off

Dritz Thermal Thimbles

Dritz Thermal Thimbles heat-resistant finger protectors $4.79 Retail: $5.99   20% off

Sew-E-Z Fingerthing

Sew-E-Z Fingerthing stiletto replacement tool $7.96 Retail: $9.95   20% off

Quilter's No-Melt Press Bars - Set of 5

Quilter's No-Melt Press Bars - Set of 5 press bars $5.43 Retail: $6.79   20% off

IronSlide Ironing Board Cover

IronSlide Ironing Board Cover self-adhesive ironing board cover $20.00

Iron Clean

Iron Clean iron cleaning sheets $3.99

Ironing Mat

Ironing Mat fiberglass ironing mat $14.99

Iron Finger

Iron Finger heat resistant pressing roll $12.60 Retail: $15.75   20% off

Plaid Stencil Cutting Pen

Plaid Stencil Cutting Pen heated cutting tool $14.39 Retail: $17.99   20% off

Iron Off

Iron Off iron cleaner $5.59 Retail: $6.99   20% off

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