Quilting Storage and Carriers     
Get organized and get going! These are our favorite products for maintaining an orderly sewing room and for taking tools on the go.
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Convertible Tote

Convertible Tote tote bag converts to wheeled bag $32.99

Liberty London Sewing Roll

Liberty London Sewing Roll by Liberty of London $21.50 AVAILABLE 2/22/18

Mini Bolt Boards

Mini Bolt Boards cardboard boards for fabric mini-bolts $7.99 Retail: $9.99   20% off

Double-Sided Multi-Craft Carrier

Double-Sided Multi-Craft Carrier multi-purpose organizer $10.39 Retail: $12.99   20% off

Little Mack Thread Rack

Little Mack Thread Rack thread storage rack $21.99

Yazzii Carry-All - Aqua

Yazzii Carry-All - Aqua large craft organizer $109.95

Yazzii Carry-All - Black

Yazzii Carry-All - Black large craft organizer $109.95

Yazzii 4 Pocket Organizer - Aqua

Yazzii 4 Pocket Organizer - Aqua small four pocket organizer $34.95

Dritz Needle Storage Tubes

Dritz Needle Storage Tubes needle storage tubes with labels and magnets $6.07 Retail: $7.59   20% off

PROP-IT Acid-Free Storage Box

PROP-IT Acid-Free Storage Box $14.39 - $28.79   Up to 20% off

Dome Threaded Needle Case

Dome Threaded Needle Case stores threaded needles $7.60 Retail: $9.50   20% off

Bobbin Box

Bobbin Box bobbin carrier $4.55 Retail: $5.69   20% off

The Sew Stack Bobbin Kit

The Sew Stack Bobbin Kit Orange and Green Sew Stack Bobbin Kit $37.95

Bobbinsaver - Red

Bobbinsaver - Red bobbin organizer $7.59 Retail: $9.49   20% off

Bobbini Bobbin Holders

Bobbini Bobbin Holders Keep your thread and bobbin together $11.99

Clover Stack 'n Store Bobbin Tower

Clover Stack 'n Store Bobbin Tower bobbin organizer $12.76 Retail: $15.95   20% off

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