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Quilting Thimbles
Protect your fingertips and stitch for hours in comfort.


ThimblePad Handles the heaviest quilting projects $3.78 Retail: $6.30   40% off


Poke-A-Dots adhesive thimble dots, 18 pk $5.39 Retail: $8.98   40% off

Aunt Becky's Finger Saver

Aunt Becky's Finger Saver Painless hand-quilting $3.00 Retail: $5.00   40% off

Open Sided Thimbles

Open Sided Thimbles Fingernail friendly! $6.60   Up to 40% off


UltraThimble Stainless steel dual-purpose fingertip shield $4.20 Retail: $7.00   40% off

Protect and Grip Thimble

Protect and Grip Thimble Rubber thimble with metal tip for quilting $5.37   Up to 40% off