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Schmetz Microtex Sharp Sewing Machine Needles Needles

by Euro-Notions

The Microtex (Sharp) style of need has a thin accurate point that is ideal for sewing batiks. Designed to be used with micro fibers, polyester, silk, foils, artificial leather, and coated materials such as laminates, this style of needle also is perfect for piecing.

60/8 size is for really fine fabrics.

70/10 size is for fine to medium fabrics and is ideal for piecing.

80/12 size is for medium fabrics and is ideal for piecing and general sewing.

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82110 size 60/8  · 5 needles per pack   22% off $3.51 $4.49
82111 size 70/10  · 5 needles per pack   22% off $3.51 $4.49
82112 size 80/12  · 5 needles per pack   22% off $3.51 $4.49

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