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Sliced Wheat Field Eco Tote

by C&T Publishing
Retail: $8.95   40% off

Fill this tote with everything you'll need, there's plenty of room. The reinforced bottom will help keep your items upright, and the zip closure will keep them safe and secure. This tote bag features a gorgeous art quilt,

  • Made from 100% recycled polypropylene-plastic water bottles
  • Sturdy with reinforced stitching all around
  • Shoulder-length handle makes it easier to carry

Sliced: Wheat Fields which was raffled off to benefit The NAMTA Council for Art Advocacy. To design the quilt, the quilters divided the Van Gogh image into six vertical "slices" and created a pattern for each slice. Each quiltmaker made her slice with her choice of techniques and fabrics, and then the six unique slices were sewn together and beautifully quilted.

Item No. 71390

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