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Golden Threads Quilting Paper

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The No-Marking Method of machine quilting with Golden Threads Quilting Paper eliminates the need for marking your quilt top. The paper's golden color ensures ease of use with light colored fabrics, while it is sheer enough to see through for accurate placement. It also stabilizes all fabrics and tears away easily after stitching. Roll measures 12" x 20 yds.

Mark multiple layers all at once: Trace the design onto one sheet (Step 1), layer multiple sheets of Golden Thread under the marked sheet. Next, without using thread, machine stitch along the marked lines creating a perforated marking (Step 2). Then pin a single marked layer onto the quilt and machine quilt following the perforations (Step 3). Finally, tear away marked paper (Step 4). Golden Threads is light enough to tear away easily without disturbing your stitches. A larger size of needle, such as size 90/14 Schmetz needles, is best for sewing through the layers of paper to make the perforated quilting stencils.

Measures 12" x 20 yards Item No. 81310

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