Thread Accessories     
Organize your thread and bobbins and use cone thread in your sewing machine with these handy accessories.

Bobbini Bobbin Holders

Bobbini Bobbin Holders Keep your thread and bobbin together $11.99

Peels Spool Huggers

Peels Spool Huggers Keep your thread from unraveling $11.99

Sara ConeFlower Thread Holder

Sara ConeFlower Thread Holder Beautiful Artisan Handmade Flower Cone Thread Holder $39.99 Retail: $59.99   33% off

Tulips Bobbin Clamps

Tulips Bobbin Clamps prevent your bobbins from unwinding $11.99

Double-Sided Multi-Craft Carrier

Double-Sided Multi-Craft Carrier multi-purpose organizer $10.39 Retail: $12.99   20% off

Cone Thread Stand

Cone Thread Stand weighted thread stand $11.20 Retail: $14.00   20% off

Thread Heaven

Thread Heaven thread conditioner $2.79 Retail: $3.49   20% off

Bobbinsaver - Red

Bobbinsaver - Red bobbin organizer $5.69 Retail: $9.49   40% off

Prewound Bobbins

Prewound Bobbins prewound bobbins $12.00   Up to 20% off

Little Mack Thread Rack

Little Mack Thread Rack thread storage rack $17.59 Retail: $21.99   20% off

Bobbin Box

Bobbin Box bobbin carrier $3.41 Retail: $5.69   40% off

Clover Stack 'n Store Bobbin Tower

Clover Stack 'n Store Bobbin Tower bobbin organizer $9.57 Retail: $15.95   40% off

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