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Acrylic Insert
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Please Note: Inserts are custom made to your machine and the width of the opening of the cabinet or table. Depending on the size of your sewing machine compared to the opening of the cabinet or table; the insert may not extend all the way around machine as shown. Machine at the widest point, must be a minimum 3" smaller than the depth of the opening and must be a minimum of 2" smaller than the width of the opening for insert to wrap completely around machine as shown above.

Specify cabinet and sewing machine make and model to have your insert custom- cut for your machine. You may also call Customer Service at 1-800-574-6454.

Tips for Measuring

  • Use a rigid measuring tool, such as a yard stick or a metal carpenter's measuring tape. Fabric measuring tapes can sag into the opening of the gap you're measuring or stretch when you attempt to pull them taut.
  • Measure to the nearest 1/16" if possible.
  • Measure from edge to edge of the cabinet's surface, including any supports. If your cabinet has ledges or tabs, include the ledges in the measurement so that the acrylic insert will be large enough to rest on these ledges.
  • Please do not measure an existing insert, as they will differ slightly in size from the opening of the cabinet.
  • If you have an existing Sew Steady insert, please include the part number etched into the right rear corner of the insert if there is one. This will help ensure your new insert will have the same fit in your cabinet.
  • If the supports in your cabinet are deeper that ΒΌ" below the cabinet's surface, please indicate that in your notes. This means you will likely need an insert with a lip to avoid a drop-off from the cabinet surface to the insert surface.

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Custom Inserts Shipping: Machine-specific inserts can take up to three weeks to manufacture and ship from your order date. Sorry, we cannot accept returns on inserts. Sorry, shipping only available within the contiguous US. Sorry, we are unable to accept returns on items shipped directly from the manufacturer.

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