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Bedroom Style Perfectly Pieced
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Decorate your bedroom with a truly custom look from bed quilts, to embellished linens, and personalized pillowcases. This book is packed with 50 inspirational finished quilts, as well as several alternate colorways. You are sure to find the best look for your room and achieve expensive designer bedding at a fraction of the cost.

Techniques: piecing, applique, embroidery
10 patterns, 128 pgs.
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Bedroom Style, Perfectly Pieced by April Rosenthal is an interesting quilt book because the author emphasizes the value of having homemade quilts on beds in a home – and she focuses on assisting quilters with two things. One is to help quilters identify their personal decorating style. The second is to show how a quilt design can be adapted to different styles by changing the fabrics. To accomplish these goals, the Bedroom Style, Perfectly Pieced includes a Style Quiz and a description of five popular personal styles: vintage, global, minimal, farmhouse, and coastal. These styles are represented in 10 bed-size quilt patterns shown in 5 different fabric styles for a total of 50 quilts. This is particularly helpful for a quilter who likes a quilt’s design but has trouble seeing past the fabrics or colors chosen for the sample made. The book also includes a section on making and embellishing bed linens to complement a quilt.

The attractive quilts vary from traditional to more modern designs, often with blocks on the large size and slanted toward modern. It is interesting to see the same design in different fabric styles – and to see how well it can work! I was drawn to several of the designs, usually in more than one fabric style. Not surprisingly, my Style Quiz results showed that I like elements of several styles. My home décor does tend to be eclectic and my tastes are changing over time. One intriguing idea I got from the book is to have the person/s with which you share your home take the quiz as well, to facilitate building a comfortable living space together.