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Thread » Cotton Thread Sets » Bejeweled Thread Set

Bejeweled Thread Set
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Meet your new favorite thread! Essential is a 50-weight thread, made from three plies of 100% cotton, and satin-finished for a gently lustrous sheen. Extra-long staple cotton produces an exceptionally smooth thread with very little lint. 1,200 yards per spool.

Set includes:
  • Persimmon
  • Amazon
  • Grape Juice
  • Tomato
  • Pioneer
  • Antique
  • Lime
  • Cornflower
  • Imperial Blue
  • Sangria
By Elizabeth Orndorff on January 23, 2019
Connecting threads is a good company. All products top quality. The threads are the best. I have use them for years. I just call and get what I want. Thread colors are good all of the time. I just don't buy any where else. I am a forever customer, Amen..
By GB on October 24, 2018
Beautiful threads. I have purchased these sets before and they are wonderful colors and quality
By Omoni on October 21, 2018
I was very pleased with the purchase of the thread set. Had the colors I needed/wanted and will last me for a while. Definitely a good value.
By Smtizzle on October 5, 2018
This thread is a lot more linty in my machine than Aurifil, but it's perfectly decent for piecing, walking foot quilting, and practicing free motion quilting. I probably wouldn't want to free motion an entire quilt with it due to the lint and the nature of free motion quilting, but it's perfectly fine thread and it's a great way to build up a library of colors for an affordable price. I'll stick to my Aurifil for my free motion, but this is a great option for less intense sewing.
By Liberty on September 16, 2018
I was delighted with the quality of this thread, which performed much better on all levels (strength, even stitching, smoothness, lack of lint) than much more expensive threads. In fact, I was so pleased that within 48 hours I ordered two more sets.
By R. Gonzalez on June 28, 2018
I'm new to sewing mostly tailoring my family's clothing, so I needed a variety of colors at low cost. So far I have purchased the Bejewled and Over the Rainbow sets. The colors are vibrant, great quality, and priced competitively. Planning on buying more!
By Kathleen L. on April 30, 2018
The "salt and pepper" thread set is a great selection of the basic shades I needed for my sewing needs. Good quality cotton thread. And at an amazing price!
By Sandy on February 7, 2018
Great price for quality thread. I use for free motion quilting and they work great, once I got my tension's set. At first I thought they just didn't work well with my machine, but looked at several videos on fixing tension problems on your machine and then they worked perfect.
By Joan M. on November 18, 2017
I love the new threads I ordered recently. Just wish I could afford to order more sets!
By Andrew on September 17, 2017
I have just started making quilts this year and have already spent way too much money on rulers and fabric and all the wonderful stuff that comes along with this new obsession. However, I've been trying to find ways to cut costs without cutting quality. I was astounded to discover how expensive thread can be! So I was so relieved to find Connecting Threads. I can't compare this thread to the more expensive 50-weights out there such as Aurifil because I've never used the other brands, but, after two full-sized quilts and many pillows, I am very happy to report that this thread works perfectly. Throughout all of those projects, my thread has broken twice, and both times were actually due to mistakes I made versus anything wrong with the thread itself. They have a huge range of colors and it's so darn affordable. I highly recommend this thread to anyone who is struggling to scrape together the hundreds of dollars necessary to afford Aurifil and other high-priced brands.
By Cathy on July 3, 2017
Elegant thread....soft, satin threads. The Old Glory collection is perfect for sewing more primitive quilts and darker items. These are full spools and should last a long time.
By B. Williamson on April 19, 2017
I've used thread from Connecting Threads almost exclusively for years now. It has never let me down. Holds up well, doesn't break easily, and the price is amazing considering what the quilt stores ask for thread! I'll be a life-long customer of Connecting Threads!
By Erica on March 3, 2017
These are pretty nice threads and much more cost effective than some of the big quilting brands. I have used Aurifil in the past, and that is amazing thread, but very expensive. I needed a number of different colors for a project and so decided to try these out. For the price, I think it's a great thread! They may not be as silky as Aurifil, but they are still high quality at a fraction of the price. I was also happy to find this set that had exactly the colors I needed!
By Angelic on February 28, 2017
Just looking at it - I was not very impressed - but then again this is the first 50 wt thread I have ever used - then I laid - stitches all over a sample sandwich and fell in love - I ordered many more spools of it within the hour.. I will be using this for free motion quilting stitches - the only thing I do not like with these spools is they are missing the cap which locks the end of the thread when you are storing it between usage - that I do not like at all - but the price is definitely very very good
By Prunechick on February 17, 2017
This thread is awesome. I am a new free-motion quilter. I have made three quilts. On the first quilt I used polyester (practice quilt for myself), which I did not like the look of, so on the second I decided to use cotton. I purchased a very well know, very expensive, cotton thread and was astounded at the amount of lint, it truly was overwhelming. I was coughing and sneezing and I had to clean out my machine multiple times. I then made a third quilt and I used Connecting Threads cotton thread on my third quilt. Very little lint which made me very happy, because I like the look of the cotton thread much more than that of the polyester. This is great thread.
By Teresa Davidson on February 7, 2017
This thread gives aurifil a run for its money. Not a lot of lint. I love it and will buy again!
By Cilenia on October 21, 2016
I'm a quilt artist and sell my art quilts for top dollar... I'm a diehard Aurifil thread user because of the quality, but a friend recommended these to use instead for my regular quilts mostly for cost savings. I have to say I am very pleased to far. Then I tried it for my art quilts. It did take a little adjusting of my machine and testing to get it perfect as it's a 3 ply instead of a 2 ply, but I got it. And bonus, it shows up a lot nicer being just a hair thicker. I do a LOT of thread painting and sketching along with quilting so thread color and quality is very high on my list. This thread is right up there! And for the price, it is a deal! Will still use a finer thread in my bobbin, (I use a 60wt normally or a 2 ply 50wt), as it just works better for thread painting, but this works very well for quilting and other sewing in the bobbin too.. I will absolutely be buying more of this. I bought two of the color ways and will be getting them all so I have any color I need. Also, one of the spools had a lot of fuz on it which made it shred at the needle eye and break. I wrote them more as an FYI as I know this is from a manufacturing process, and Connecting Threads replaced it ASAP. WOW! Nice service guys!!!
By SMM on August 7, 2016
I've used these for machine quilting. I like the colors and the price. There is a small amount of fuzz around the needle, but for the price, doesn't bother me. I purchased these in a few color sets.
By Anonymous on July 16, 2016
Love this thread! I swear my machine is running smoother and quieter since using it. Very low lint, excellent stitch quality and a real rival to aurifil, which I used to use. Top notch thread and I sew from 6 to 8 hours a day. My machine is happy.
By Donna on June 20, 2015
Very good quality and extremely good price. I typically use Aurifill thread but my mom, a seasoned quilter, said Connecting Thread thread is very good. I'll buy more sets for sure!