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Quilt With Tula & Angela

by Tula Pink & Angela Walters
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Tula is known for her modern, innovative style of fabrics and quilts. Angela is a renowned teacher and quilter. Together, they present this amazing book filled with both projects and quilting options. You'll sew up quilts of varying styles and sizes; this book features bold illustrations and gorgeous photographs-- it's the comprehensive piecing and quilting book you've been waiting for!

Techniques: piecing, machine quilting

17 projects, 47 quilt designs, 192 color pgs Item No. 46469

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I want to make EVERY quilt in this book! Tula and Angela are both well-known quilters and for good reason--Tula has a cool, innovative style and Angela is queen of surface textures. Their collaboration results in a perfect marriage of color and design and ultimately, some fantastic quilts. I loved that the book included top stitching designs that complimented the piecing and fabric colors. As a beginner quilter, some of the techniques may be a bit beyond my reach, but this book is going in my library anyway. The gorgeous photographs and comprehensive instructions are an incentive to keep going until I can make at least one of the quilts in this book.

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