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Stitching Pathways

by Wendy Sheppard
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Get the results you love with this complete visual guide to quilting on your home sewing machine. Expert designer, author, and blogger Wendy Sheppard wants quilters of all skill levels to be able to say "I made this from start to finish." From straight line quilting to beautiful free-motion techniques, Wendy's expert advice and proven methods guide you through every step. Learn new skills and build your confidence with beautiful projects, step-by-step stitch guides, detailed diagrams, and stunning color photographs.

Techniques: machine quilting

80 color pages Item No. 46615

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Wendy Sheppard's friendly new book Stitching Pathways is a pleasure to read and use. I loved how she explained the tips and tricks she uses on her home sewing machine. Like many quilters, I do not have my own longarm and use my regular sewing machine to quilt my projects. With the practice instructions for many of the techniques I feel like my proficiency will improve tremendously! The photographs are beautiful and I followed her instructions clearly. Stitching Pathways is the perfect book for beginning and intermediate free-motion quilters.

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